Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wednesday, November 4

I made it... somewhat!! 

Ok let me just talk about my day for a second. My first flight they kept the lights on for almost the entire four hours. They turned them off as we started to make our decent so no one really slept for that flight. I had the pleasure of being seated on an isle seat right behind a screaming infant which was super adorable. I had a two hour lay over at JFK and during that time I was able to talk to the other missionaries headed out to my mission. My second flight was a little interesting. After I got on the plane going to the Dominican Republic, everyone started speaking Spanish! At least that's what I felt like was happening. I had to ask the flight attendants to repeat themselves in English because I had no idea what they were saying to me. I just arrived at the MTC... or uhh CCM (spanish version of MTC). I never thought that the level of hunger I was experiencing was even possible! Haha but the good news is that they fed all the missionaries McDonald's and after we finish writing our families I get to have gym time!! I love gym time!! It's still unreal that I can't come home after a couple weeks or even after today, but I'm sure after a week or so reality will hit and everything will be a little bit better. I have a lot to learn especially as far as the language goes but I know that will come with time and effort. I'm so excited to finally be here and I really can't wait for bed time. Everyone I have met so far are incredibly nice and I'm still waiting for my roommate to arrive. I wont be able to write again until next Thursday so hopefully by then I'll start to fall into my new routine. I just wanted to let you guys know that I made it here safely and I didn't get taken or lost at the airport. I have to start unpacking and settling in so I will send out a group email and individual emails next Thursday!!!


Hermana Larsen

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