Friday, July 8, 2016

June 27, 2016

Today we went to the beach for a sisters activity, which basically means we have a spiritual thought for like a half hour and then we go take a ton of pictures of the beach that we can't fully enjoy. It's always fun though to go and enjoy the outdoors for a minute!.

So one day while we were out contacting this week we met the nicest Jehovah's witness ever!! The husband, Will, is technically an atheist but after we gave him a card with our number on it, he invited us into his house to meet his wife. After sharing a quick message, we had planned on leaving because it was like 8:30 and we have to be home by 9PM. Well Will turns to me and asks me if I like food...My response was a big YES! He gets up and tell us to give him 2 minutes. He comes back with a giant bag of frozen chicken and he then informs us that he is going to make us the best fried chicken that we have ever had and that he and his wife would drive us home after we ate.... I don't know how but he had the chicken all fried up and ready in like 15 minutes and it really was the best fried chicken since I have been here! I really love how the Lord knows when I'm hungry!!

I love you and I hope you have a great week!! Here's a couple pics!! I found a coqui this week and I was super excited!! (frog)

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