Monday, September 26, 2016

Dual Survival

Well this week was an adventure!! The power for the entire Island went out due to an accident in one of the main power plants. Some areas only had to go with out light for 24 hours but we had the joy of going without light and water for 3 DAYS!! Yeah everything in our house is electric so I felt like I was on one of those survival shows that my brother always watches!! We had to find our our food (aka walk to Costco) for lunch and dinner for those three days and we lost everything in our freezer. It's also the end of the month and we're super poor so I think this week's theme will be "the hunger games". During those days without light we were able to see the stars so clearly, it was amazing. I learned that I can live without power and water but I will be perfectly fine if I never have to live that experience again!!

Today we had an awesome activity with the sisters in my zone. We went to a nature reserve and had a scavenger hunt and then went out for lunch. We focused on the importance of "opening our months" and preaching the gospel and also what Elder Uchtdorf spoke on during the women's conference (which was awesome and I think everyone should go read his talk). But yeah that's basically my week in a wrap!! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the week and that you never take running water and power for granted, it's a wonderful thing!!

Les amo!

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