Monday, November 14, 2016

Is this Real Life?

This week has been an exciting one but I just skip to the good stuff! Last night was our transfer calls right? Well I was sooo nervous because I knew that I would probably be leaving. I managed to make it through the entire work day without having an emotional break-down (I really love my area) but as we were starting our nightly planning session, the phone rang. I looked down to see that it was President Boucher! My companion and I began playing a game of "hot potato", passing the phone back and forth, trying to convince the other to answer the phone. Finally Hna Tirado answered the phone and shortly afterwards she passed it to me. Well I have been called to be a sister-trainer leader  in Guayama!!! I'll still be in the same zone which means I'll be able to visit Caguas during exchanges!

I'm so grateful for my time with the Caguas ward and I have learned so much! The members here are amazing and I will never forget them!! I'm still really nervous but I know that the Lord will provide a way for me and that my time in Guayama will be a great experience!

I hope you all have a great week and that you remember to help the missionaries! (That means more than just feed them, mom)

Here some pictures from my week!

my abuela

My going away dinner from Elba

My going away cake from Elba

District photo

Lizmyra and Helen Lebron

Hna Caraballo

Elba and Marcos 

Elba and Marcos

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  1. We still miss you dearly in Toa Baja and Toa Alta. Love you