Monday, February 13, 2017

West Side Best Side

Last week we had transfers and I got moved to an area called Mayaguez to be with Hna. Josie!!! It's on the opposite side of the Island than all my other areas and I kind of feel like I'm in a completely different mission here! But on the bright side, I'm right by the coast and this side of the island is known for its amazing beaches... well I guess that doesn't really matter because I can't actually visit the beach but it's still fun to know.
It was really sad saying goodbye to my other comp, Hermana Anderson!  She and I got along really well. Last Monday we decided that we wanted to do something crazy before we split up so we decided to dye my hair white-blonde! I was already really blonde but from the mixture of metallic water and long days in the sun, it was starting to turn a little yellow. So yes, I am now very, very blonde.
Anyway, I now live in a house with 4 sisters, 3 of us are blonde and come from Utah and Hermana Guevara is our cute Latina. We all get along great which is good because the house is tiny! But I love them and I'm so excited to be a Sister Trainer Leader in the Mayaguez zone!
I hope you have a great week and that you stay warm in Utah!!
Hna Larsen

Here's some pics from my last couple days with Hna. Anderson and my adventure in Mayaguez

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