Monday, May 16, 2016

Lesson Learned, Price Paid

This week I learned a really difficult lesson about acting upon the promptings of the spirit. Last Sunday I was feeling uneasy about the baptism that we had scheduled for the 14th. My companion and I decided to fast and pray about what we should do and we both felt really strongly like we should postpone the baptism date a week or two until we felt like our investigator recognized that she had a testimony. We felt peace and reassurance but we were eventually talked into keeping the baptismal date for the 14th. While planning the baptism we felt very nervous and unsure and it seemed like we encountered problem after problem. We had to change the service to the 15th (yesterday) because of a funeral that was taking place. My companion and I couldn't sleep Saturday because we just really felt like our investigator wasn't ready. 

Yesterday, one hour before her baptism, our investigator told us that she doesn't know how to recognize that she has a testimony and she doesn't quite understand what faith really is. This reaffirmed the answer that my companion and I had received that she wasn't ready for her baptism. We had to cancel everything and it was really embarrassing. I learned that I need to support the promptings that I receive and I hope that I never have to learn this lesson again.

We will hopefully have her baptism next week, depending on if she is ready :)

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