Sunday, May 15, 2016

6 Months Down!

This week was really good! I hit my 6 month mark and I can't believe how fast my time here is going. My cute companion made me pancakes in the shape of a 6 and we tried to find a 6KM sign but a 0.6KM was the best we could do!

We had zone conference on Thursday and I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Elder Martinez for the quorum of the 70. It was an amazing experience and I'm grateful for his support and advice. At zone conference I learned the importance of teaching according to the needs of each of my investigators. I can't wait to be able to apply what I learned!

This Saturday I should be having another baptism! We're really hoping that everything goes as planned so please pray for the success of my investigator, Betzaida!

As you all know, Sunday was Mother's Day and I got to see my cute family! I love them so much and I can't wait to see them again for my Christmas Skype!

Here's the pictures of my week!

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