Monday, January 9, 2017

What a Week!

This week has been A BLAST!! We had MLC on Wednesday and we went down to Old San Juan and had a scavenger hunt!! We were split up with our zone leaders and we had to take pictures of the things on our scavenger list. We later talked about the attributes of leaders and what makes someone a good or bad leader. I loved it and had a ton of fun!!
Hna Anderson and I are killing it!! We have made it our mission to baptize all of Guayama and I think we might end up doing it!! We have been able to set a bunch of new baptismal dates and find a lot of people with potential. For example, On Thursday while we were contacting we prayed that we could be lead to a middle-age, single woman, who didn't have a specific religion. Well as we were walking down a street someone from the other side yelled at us to come over and talk to her. We did and after talking and teaching a lesson on the restoration, we invited the lady to be baptized and she said yes!! She was in church on Sunday and she is REALLY REALLY excited for her baptismal date. BTW she is a middle-age, single woman, and didn't have a specific religion.... God is great.

Well have a great Monday and enjoy the cold!!

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San Juan


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