Monday, March 6, 2017

Road Trip!!

This week was full of many adventures and much time spent in the car! We had to be in the San Juan area three times!! Haha SJ is 2-2.5 hours from Mayaguez so Hermana Josie and I had some extra bonding time... Benditio! It was great though, We had mission leadership council on Wednesday and then a special Sister's conference on Friday. During our Friday conference we learned about managing stress and what causes anxiety.....I definitely ha ha don't have either of those things ha ha ( says with much sarcasm) . It really helped me understand how to deal with stress. during our second speaker I learned more about "self-talk" and how as women of the church we need to learn  how to speak well of ourselves and help motivate other. 
So basically this week was just really great!  

Here is my spiritual thought for the day:  Look up prayer in the bible dictionary. Prayer=work

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