Monday, March 27, 2017

The Blonde Epidemic!

So Puerto Ricans really love baseball right? Well apparently there is a player on PR baseball team that bleached his hair blonde or the whole team bleached their hair blonde..... something like that! And to show their pride for the PR team all of the men in PR have been bleaching their hair blonde!! One day Hna. Josie and I were walking down the street and we saw someone with fake blonde hair and we kinda of laughed at it... then 10 minutes later we saw another person..then another... then yet another!!! It felt like we were back in Utah because everyone here is blonde now!!! Haha it has become the new "thing" here and I have to say it's my favorite trend that I have seen here so far, it makes me feel normal haha.

Besides that this week has been fairly normal. We've been finding a lot of great people with potential and we've been focusing on inviting our investigators to be baptized early on... we try to mention baptism in the first contacts so that the people we talk to know that we are here to bring people to Christ and not to just talk about their favorite verse of scripture in Psalms (that's the only book of the bible that people usually read). So far it's been going really well and we're looking forward to have a lot of success with our companionship and our zone this transfer!

On Friday we had a ward missionary activity where we held a talent show at the church and had members participate and bring their family and friends. It was so fun! The four of us did a "synchronized Swimming" routine and we used a Blue bed sheet for water. It turned out pretty well for only being practiced a couple times! Who would have known that I would be able to put all those years of swimming to use on the mission? ;)

Today we had a zone activity where we focused on companionship unity by playing water balloon volleyball and we ended it by coming up with our zone goal for baptisms for the month of April. It was really fun and everyone really enjoyed it!!

Well I hope y'all have a great week and here's some of my pictures from the week!

Hna Larsen


Transfer day, Hna. Guevara and her new comp Hna. Keller, and our zone activity!  

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