Monday, April 10, 2017

A Week of Final Testimonies

This week was a great week!! I was able to go on exchanges with Hna Antonio from the Dominican Republic and I learned more about what it means to have gratitude for the work and have gratitude for the little things that happen each day. 

I had to give my finally testimony in two different settings this week and it was really hard! I had my final MLC meeting and I was super emotional throughout the whole thing! The spirit was so strong and at the end the 5 of us that are leaving in May, got up and gave our testimonies. It just made me realize even more how grateful I am for my mission and that the Lord has called me to serve in Puerto Rico. Yesterday was my last fast and testimony meeting as a missionary so I aprovechared (a spanglish word) and I gave my testimony. Again, I just really love my mission and the people that I get to serve each day.

Well I hope that you guys are having a great week and that you enjoy your Easter!! 

p.s.  Go look up and share the church's video that they just released for Easter.


Hna Larsen

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