Sunday, December 13, 2015

December 3, 2015

I survived the first month out on a mission.... Yes I know that I've only been in the MTC but it still an amazing feeling!! I'm pumped to see how the next 17 months go!!

I hope everyone had a greeeeat Thanksgiving and enjoyed being with family. Since there is so few of us here we're all really close and it was almost like spending Thanksgiving with family!! The workers here are so sweet and gave us a traditional American Thanksgiving basically felt like Christmas but that might just be because there's been Christmas decorations up since I got here. I definitely forgot how much I've missed food that wasn't rice and beans!!

On Friday I was able to go practice talking to be at the near by Univeristy. I was super sick that day so it was an adventure! Every two weeks we're able to go to the store soooo for all of you that know me well know that means that every two weeks I stock up on diet coke and reeses PB cups! A new group of native spanish speakers arrived last nice which has been has been awesome because I'm able to practice speaking Spanish during meal times.

Some exciting news is that tomorrow I start going on splits with the missionaries serving here in the Dominican Repubic!! I'm not going to lie, I'm completely terrified and I'm praying that I don't accidently say something offensive! Oh, that reminds me! On saturday while practicing teaching I accidently told a group of people that they had a "lunch" father in heaven instead of "loving" father in heaven....I miss english sometimes!! I have high hopes for this week and I hope everyone remembers that even on your worse day your "lunch" father in heaven loves you!

Te amo!

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