Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 21, 2015 Puerto Rico!!

This last week and a half has been crazy!! During my last week in the MTC I was allowed to go see the Christmas festivities in the park across the street and it was awesome!! I'm attaching a picture of a small exhibit that was in the park.  

Ok, now for the good stuff...I made it!! I love PR, it's so green and the people here are incredible! I don't have any pictures of my area yet but I'll be in Toa Baja for 12 weeks... it's up in the mountains. I have so pics of old san juan from my first day here!

My Trainer is Hna Garcia and she is an angel and I love her! Everyone here understands english and that try to help me out when I'm struggling to speak spanish.

All is well, I love the lord, I love puerto rico, and I'll hopefully send pictures of my area next week!!

Les amo! Hna Larsen

I'm in my Mum's car...vroom vroom

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