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November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

So this week has been amazing! On Friday afternoons we walk down to the university (which is only like 2 blocks away) and practice talking to people. I was smart enough to realize that there was probably an English building there so me and Hermana Gardner decided to make our way over there. We found a lot of people who were kind enough to listen to us and even wanted to practice their English with us, so we would teach in Spanish and they would respond in English. We placed two Books of Mormons last Friday and I'm pumped to go again tomorrow! ON Monday I had a really cool experience. Mondays are TRC (basically FHE with our MTC grandparents) and the lesson we had to teach was how we receive answers to prayer. Up until this point I haven't really understood how the gift of tongues really works. I thought that I was struggling to speak the language as some sort of trial. As I was teaching sister Nelsen I felt an overwhelming impression that I needed to tell her that prayers are not answered right away. Sometimes we have to wait to receive answers as a trial of our faith and that often times our prayers are answered through other people. I took a leap of faith and my mouth was filled with the exact words that I needed to say. The Lord provided me with the words that I had already studied. I now know that as I study and apply myself, the Lord will help me to recall what I have called when I need to be an instrument in teaching others. 

 On Sunday I sang in church (have stranger things happened in this world???) with the other three Hermanas in my district and it actually sounded amazing!! We rearranged Abide with me. I seriously love Hermana Anderson, she reminds me a lot of my friend Brittany. We're both hoping that we get to be companions like a year into being out in the field. Anyway, she and I sang alto and were able to stay on key while Hermanas Gardner and Robinson sang soprano. I started a trend here. I've got my whole district saying "I just saw my brain" when they want to roll their eyes. Most of the time it's directed at the other district who has some very immature elders. Oh! I have a calling...I've been called as the music leader which just means I have to find people to sing musical numbers, lead songs, and play the piano. It doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but we sing A LOT of hymns. It's one of only two leadership positions that the Hermanas can have here so I feel pretty important. 

On Tuesday I also had a really cool teaching experience. My teacher (Hermano Eve) pretends to be "Ricki", our fake investigator. Each night we have to teach "Ricki" a lesson according to his needs. This particular night me and my companion felt as though we needed to teach about faith. Usually during our lessons Hermana Gardner has a tendency to dominate the lesson and I just try to add in a couple of thoughts here and there whenever I can. We had talked about it, and decided that I was going to speak for most of the lesson and she would only cut in if she felt strongly as though she needed to say something. This would allow me to gain more experience with speaking the language. I was really awkward at the beginning of the lesson, but as I started relying on the spirit it got easier. I have never felt the spirit so strongly during a fake lesson.  I didn't have to look at any of my notes!! The words I wanted to say came to my mind (in spanish) and I didn't stutter or have to stop and try to translate my thoughts into Spanish! After we were done teaching and had gone back to the classroom, my teacher came in a slyly slipped me a note saying "you did soooo good!" with a piece of chocolate. It was a huge confidence booster. 

Yesterday there was a couple mini earthquakes which was fun. I was teaching "Ricki" when all of the sudden it felt like someone was kicking my chair! I looked over at the Haitian(he teaches the two elders from Haiti who speak french) teacher who was also in the room, because no one else could feel what was going on. It happened 3 other times last night. 

Today we went to the temple as we always do on Thursday mornings and afterwards I had my first emotional break down since being here. Up until this point I have missed home but I haven't cried. The people that work in the kitchen knew how sad all the missionaries were to be away from their families on Thanksgiving, so that put together a Thanksgiving lunch for us. I didn't cry because I miss home today (which I do), but because of the love and the charity that these people have for us. They must have had to slave away for hours putting everything together and it must have been hard trying to find everything needed to put together a Thanksgiving feast, but they did it because they care about us. I'm sending you some pictures of how the decorated the cafeteria and me holding a "Happy Thanksgiving" sign with this email.

I love you all and I pray for my family multiple times a day! enjoy your dinner and eat an extra slice of pie for me!!

te amo,

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