Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wow! So Hot!

Yes well this week has been super hot!!! It's also been really good and my companion and I are really hoping that we can start setting some baptism dates with our investigators. Oh, haha someone asked me if I was white the other day. When I said yes they responded with "yeahh I can tell". Well, I mean, anyone with eyes can see that I'm obviously white haha. It made me laugh though.

Cool story for the week:

We were contacting a woman and she didn't seem very interested until we started asking her about the church she attended. She stopped in the middle of her answer and asked us "If Christ established one  church, why are there so many churches on the Earth today?'. My comp and I just looked at each other like "is this real life?" and then we whipped our restoration pamphlets and shared a message with her and her family. It was great and it helped me realize that the Lord is preparing the hearts of the people that we're teaching.

Have a great week and here's some pics of my view yesterday!

-Hermana Larsen

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