Monday, October 24, 2016

La Gran Caida (The Great Fall)

Buenos Dias!!!

Every 3rd Thursday of each month we have to do 3 hours of service to the house where we are living. Well last Thursday it was our turn to clean the screens and windows. Simple, right? I know that compared to my companion I appear to be a giant, but my 5'5ft self was unable to reach the top of the 6ft windows. I had the brilliant idea to stand on top of a metal chair because we don't own a ladder. I failed to take into consideration that my shoes were wet and as I was reaching on my tip-toes to clean the top of the windows, my foot slipped and I went tumbling down. The actual fall didn't hurt me but I did get a pretty bad bruise from the chair that was mixed in there!

This week our investigator Anna Maria accepted a baptismal date and she came to church with us yesterday!! She's actually our neighbor and she's in a wheel chair so we left early yesterday to help get her ready and then we wheeled her to church. She loved it!

Here's some pictures of the sisters in my zone, cleaning day, 

as well as a picture of my attempt to make "home-made" brownies.... yeahhhh box brownies and store bought frosting just aren't the same!

Tengan Buenos dias!! 

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