Monday, December 5, 2016

The Real Thanksgiving Feast!

Well good morning/afternoon (it's afternoon here)!

This week was a really great week full of the usually ups and downs. Last Monday we had a real thanksgiving feast with all the food that my dear mother sent to me. I has been sooooo long since I've had rolls and last week we fulfilled my deepest desire to eat rolls!! It was so great!! It made me thankful to have such a loving mother who obviously knows my love for Lion House rolls!

We also were able to have intercambios (exchanges if you speak English) with the sisters in Humacao and I was able to work there with Hna Onince for 24 hours. She is a newer missionary, fresh from her training, and she showed me how to be courageous and talk to everyone you see! I have a lot of faith in her and her companion! While I was with her we were contacting a street and it just seemed like no one wanted to talk to us. I saw a lady sitting outside her house in a hammock and I felt really strongly that we needed to talk to her. Right as we go to talk to her it starts pouring rain!! Luckily she invited us into her house and we were able to share the church's "light the world" Christmas video. At the end of the video she started crying and told us that she had be praying that the Lord would send her angels to help her feel his love and that we were answers to her prays. I felt so blessed to have been able to help that lady in her moment of despair.

This week I turn 21 years of age......wait, what??? It still feels unreal but maybe one day I'll act my age!!! 

Have a great Monday!!! Les Amo!!

Hna Larsen


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