Monday, February 29, 2016

Baptism Week!

Michelle's Baptism February 27, 2016
So this week was amazing and the baptism on Saturday was incredible and so spiritual.  I'm at the point with my Spanish that as long as we are talking about a gospel topic, I can understand almost everything.  The sister that gave the opening talk had me in tears and it was the greatest feeling to see Michelle get baptized!  She is so accepting and loving of the gospel.  I hope that I can see her go through the temple after I finish my mission.  It felt amazing to see someone that I have prayed, fasted, and worked so hard for finally get baptized!  It made my whole week and I can't wait to continue to work with the people of Puerto Rico!

Every week I have a new trial/hardship.  I am tried and tested in the worse way.  I know that this is because Satan knows the impact my mission will have.  I am tested beyond my own abilities. I think the Lord has allowed all of these trials to happen to me because it gives me a constant reason to turn to Him to help me make it through each day.  I have never been so miserable yet so happy at the same time.  I love the chapter in the Book of Mormon about the people of Alma.  They suffered great hardships but they did so willingly.  They turned to the Lord and he made their burdens light.

New Fanny Pack!  (Which is bigger?  The Missionary or the Fanny Pack?)

This is the "Great and Terrible Tower of Candy"!

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