Monday, February 8, 2016

Asombro me da (Amazed)

This week was so good! We started out the week only having one investigator who was truly progressing and then by the end we had 6!! The weather here has been great and even though it rains almost every day, it usually does so really early in the morning. We had one of our investigators that I feel so good about attend church yesterday!! She's amazing and she really wants to change her life and be a good mom to her two little kids.

D&C 24:8
"Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for lo, I am with thee ever unto the end of thy days."

When I saw this scripture I was having a particularly rough day and I felt like Heavenly Father was speaking right to me.  My biggest challenges right now are my own personal weaknesses.  This might come as a shock but I am a little impatient...or a LOT.  I have to pray that the Lord sends me angels to whisper thoughts of peace and love to my heart and mind.  It probably sounds like a crazy thing to pray for but I need all the help I can get.  Every Sunday I fast and pray for help in overcoming my weaknesses and personal faults.  I want to be an effective missionary so badly and I know I can't be if I am "quick to anger".

I've made it through half of my training!  I'll probably be in this same area for a couple more transfers after training.  Maybe with a new companion too.  I love my trainer and I am so grateful for her. When I realized that she is all I have here, she became so precious to me.  She is my best friend here right now. 

Besides that all is well.  I can somewhat speak Spanish and sometimes I can understand what people are saying!

I love my cute family!

Hna Larsen

A Finley Hug from Home

Valentine package full of love (and new clothes!)

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