Monday, February 8, 2016

Señor yo te seguire (Lord I will follow)

This week we had exchanges and I stayed in our house while Hna Garcia went to Vega Baja. Usually if you're in training you don't stay behind because that means that you're in charge of planning everything. I was so stressed out!!! I needed it though. Hna Lopez ( one of the sister training leaders) came Thursday night. She and I had a long talk and I told her about some of my feelings. I told her how I knew that we could make Puerto Rico a baptizing mission and that the culture will always be the same, it's the missionaries that need to change. After I was done speaking she said some things that really touched me.

She said:

 "Hna Larsen, you are so much more than a presence, you are a light. When people ask me what one thing I want to carry home from my mission I always think of you because I want to be a light to those that surround me. Every year we have a meeting with all of the leaders in the mission where we discus the growth in  the mission, I feel impressed to tell you that next year you will be in attendance in this meeting."

Her words were exactly what I needed. The next day all of the plans that I had made fell through so I decided to trust in the Lord and follow up with some old contacts that I had made with Hna Garcia but this time I decided that I wanted to teach the way that I had always wanted to. That day we had so many people who were excited and willing to let us into their homes and we even had one lady ask me when we could baptize her. This experience made me realize that I can be a missionary and that I am getting ready to finish my training and spread me wings and leave the nest (my trainer).

Yesterday I had another really cool experience. As me and Hna Garcia were walking back to our car after doing some contacting, we saw a man sitting in a car outside. We decided to go give him a pass along card. We started talking to him and I felt impressed to share my testimony that I knew that families could be together forever and that there is life after death. He broke down and explained that his wife had just passed away yesterday from cancer and that he had been looking for something that could give him comfort. We are going this week to teach him.

Sometimes I feel like the old grandma in Mulan who just closes her eyes and crosses a busy street. She has no idea where she's going but she knows she'll be ok because she has a lucky cricket. In this case the lucky cricket is the Spirit. I don't know what some people are saying but I just open my mouth and express the feelings that I feel impressed to share with them. I love how I don't need to understand every someone is telling in order to feel their words and feel what I need to say. 

I love you all and I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Hna Larsen

Three Months!!



Wall of Love

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