Thursday, January 21, 2016

God will protect His servants

Yesterday I was teaching a lady who lives in Naranjito. I feel really good about her but there is this one huge problem holding her back from being baptized, she's not married! She broke down yesterday and told us that she is a recovering drug addict and the reason she doesn't want to get married to her boyfriend is because he is still doing drugs and he isn't the kind of guy that she wants to be stuck with for all eternity. While we were teaching her a man came to her door and as soon as I saw him I got this feeling of pure terror. I knew immediately who he was and whom he served. I knew that he was a drug dealer, I don't know how but I just knew. When I was experiencing these feelings of terror, I heard a voice, other than my own, saying "I will not allow him to harm you, you are my servant. I will protect you". He left shortly after and the spirit returned to our lessons. 

I know who I serve and I know that He will ALWAYS protect his servants while they are doing His will. Even though I have sketchy moments like that I never feel like I'm in danger. 

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