Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let's all go to the beach!

Today we had a district activity and so we were able to go to the beach and play soccer! It was so much fun but it was also super weird not being able to go hop in the ocean to cool off! Everyone was probably wondering why we were in pants and t-shirts too, but it was really nice to spend the day admiring the ocean from afar :)

I love the people here and I love how much they care for the missionaries. This week I learned the Lord truly blesses and protects his missionaries. I also learned the agency is the greatest and worst gift that we have. It's difficult to see my investigators struggle to keep their commitments, especially coming to church. I never realized just how important church attendance is until I saw the difference between investigators who attend church and those who don't. 


Dogs love me and they follow me everywhere. This particular dog always walks with me and I call him my angel. I don't know if he's a stray or what so I'm really scared to touch him and he's always super dirty so this is my reaction every time he tries to get me to pet him. 

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