Saturday, August 20, 2016

August 15 2016

Last week I sent a story about a lady that we have been teaching, right? Well after we were done writing, my comp and I decided that we were going to work  on being domestic and that we would attempt to bake/cook. Yeahh I still don't know what possessed us but we just really wanted to make lemon cupcakes and chocolate peanut butter fudge... so we did! With just the two of us in the house we figured that it would be a terrible idea if  we ate 20 cupcakes and a whole pan of fudge all by ourselves so we decided to take some of it to our investigator Sylvia (the lady from the story last week). We didn't catch her in the house but we did give leave our plate of goodies with her daughter. Well later that night we got a text from Sylvia saying that she was so touched by our generosity and that she will be coming to church with us on the 21!! We went to see her again yesterday and after the lesson she accepted to be baptized!!! Cupcakes=Baptisms.

This week has been fantastic and I can't believe how fast my time here is going by!! I hope everyone has a great week and here's some pictures of me and my comp from zone conference!

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