Friday, August 5, 2016

July 25, 2016

So this week has been really good!! We found 8 new investigators and we were able to find a new place that hasn't been TOO overly contacted by the past missionaries of Caguas and it's right by a Krispy Kreme's so I think it will work out great for us haha. We also had zone meeting and we learned more about how we can work more effectively with the members which I loved because members really are the key to missionary work. We were able to talk to President Boucher and one thing that he told me and my comp. that I really liked was that as missionaries we are here to help the members do their part in la obra misional.
So yesterday was Pioneer day I guess and I totally forgot until 9:30 last night when I was getting ready for bed. Haha ohhh well I guess we'll just have to do something super fun next year to make up for my lack of pioneer spirit ;). OH! so we have been working with an investigator that is super chevere! She has 4 little kids and the 5 of them came to an activity that we had at the chapel a month ago but she hasn't been able to make it to church on Sunday since then. Well we called her up on Saturday and asked her if it would be alright if we should up to her house on Sunday morning to help get her kids ready for church. She agreed and was really excited. Yesterday we left the house early and walked the 30 mins to her house in the already blazing heat just to find her house completely locked up. We could her people inside but no one would come answer the door and our investigator wouldn't answer her phone. It was very discouraging and we had to call around to find a member who would be willing to come and grab us on the way to the church which resulted in us being late. It was an adventure but if she's not ready to accept our message right now, there's someone else out there who will.

Study/Journal Entry:

Mosiah 24

I love a lot of things about this chapter and it's a great example of the power of prayer. The first thing that the people of Alma did once they were taken into captivity was to start to "Clamar Ferarosamente a Dios" After they were commanded not to pray out loud, they continued to pray in their hearts.  God heard their prayers but instead of taking away their burdens he helped his people carry them.  He did this as a test of their faith and patience.

Alma 1

In this chapter the church is undergoing heavy persecutions by those who do not belong to the church.  There were many members who were puffed up in pride and chose to contend with those who were persecuting them.  Eventually these people ended up falling away from the church.  This chapter is a good example in how we should choose to respond to persecutions and it's with HUMILITY.  We need to focus on being examples of Christ, helping the needy, feeding the hungry, and sheltering those who have no shelter.  We will come out the better for it.

Alma 2

The 2nd half of this chapter really stood out to me because it shows us that the Lord will always strengthen his people.  All we have to do is ask in faith.  The numbers of the Laminites and Amlicites is compared to the sand of the sea when the Nephites saw the Lamanite/Amlicite army marching towards them and they chose to turn to God. While Almas was battling Amlici he turned to the Lord again and prayed aloud for their faith and obedience they were given the strength to overcome their enemies.  Hoy en dia.  We are not necessarily fighting a physical war but when (not if) our trials come, if our first response is to turn to our Father in prayer, we will be given the strength to overcome our challenges.  This goes along really well with Philippians 4:13 which says: "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me".  Alone we are weak but with the strength of the Lord our strength is endless.

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