Friday, August 5, 2016

We're Not Going to Fry It!

Lately me and my comp have been playing this really fun game with the food people give us called "We're not going to fry it". We take food that you are expected to fry, and we try baking, toasting or boiling it.... It's been an adventure and so far it's worked out 90% of the time! This week we took alcurporia (I have no idea how to spell it), which tastes great when fried, and we baked it... It didn't turn out great but now we know! We also received a pana (only found in PR) and we boiled it and prepared it like you would a mashed potato and it turned out great!!!

We had a couple people warn us of a storm which we slightly ignored because it rains almost every day here. Yeahhhh they weren't kidding, It rained and rained and rained yesterday and I'm sending a picture of me and my comp getting ready to face the storm haha.

Other than that, life has been really good lately and I LOOOOOOVE my mission, It seriously is such a great experience! Have a great week and enjoy this next little bit of summer!!

Study/Journal Entry:

Yesterday for intercambios yesterday I stayed here while Hna Beutler went to the sister trainer leaders' area.  We had all of these great set plans for yesterday and it was supposed to be very stress free and we were supposed to have a bunch of great lessons with members, but a half an hour before the sister trainer leaders got to our house, everything fell through and everyone cancelled on us.  I just had to trust that there was a bigger plan at play here and that Hna Keith wouldn't mind contacting all day with me.  I started out the day looking for a reference that the Zone Leaders had given us.  They forgot to write down the exact address but they told me more or less where the street was and that she lived on the 2nd story of a gray house...  There were 4 houses on that street that fit the description and I contacted ALL of them and still couldn't find them.  While we were looking for the house we were able to find and help a woman who was fighting with her husband.  That must have been the reason were were lead out there. Later we had an appointment with someone but we got there early and she still wasn't home.  We decided to say a prayer and go contacting.  We prayed specifically that we could find a family and we set out with faith.  Everyone rejected us until we got to the final house.  We saw a young mom with her 4 year old son playing inside and to our surprise, they warmly welcomed us in and let us teach them.  She told us that she had just moved into the area and hadn't settled into a church yet.  We shared a message with her about how families can be together forever and then invited her to church which she accepted.  She also let us set a return appointment.  Haha it was really sad when we were leaving because her son was begging his mom to ask us to stay and play hide-and-seek with him and he started to get teary-eyed when she told him that he couldn't play with us because we had to go help other people and he had to finish eating his potatoes.  It broke my heart!!  I feel confident that we completed the plan that God had made for us.  What's that saying?..."We make plans and God laughs"  Yes that is the theme of not only my mission but of my life!

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