Tuesday, August 30, 2016


So yes I received my "daughter" on Tuesday and we look so much alike...if I was a 4'7 Guatemalan!! My new companion is Hna Tirado and I have the pleasure of training her. Luckily she knows a little bit on how to be a missionary already because she served in Guatemala for two transfers while she was waiting on her Visa. She did tell me that she doesn't understand the people/language her which is funny because she's the native Spanish speaker in this companionship. Well it's a good thing that I speak the native language of PR, Spanglish!!

She's super little and I feel like a giant next to her. I've never really felt like I was super tall before, I kind of like it!! A little girl asked me if she was my "nena"... technically yes because I am her trainer!! She's so excited to get out and work, her attitude is contagious. She speaks absolutely no English but I know that my Spanish will improve a lot because of my time with her.

Haha some examples of Puerto Rican Spanish:
if anything ends in "ado" they pronounce it "ow". So if someone is busy they say that they are "ocup'ow". If a word has a double "R" in it they pronounce it like "ho" so if someone is talking about their car, they're talking about their "ca'ho". It's great fun.

This week was really stressful but so far we've had a lot of fun and I'm excited to see what these next 11 weeks of training have to bring!!

Les amo!!

Hermana Larsen

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