Friday, August 5, 2016

July 18, 2016

This dog was bigger than me!!
Hey so this week has been really hard but a really good learning experience.
There was another set of sisters living in the house with us but they took out the other companionship with this last transfer. It's been really lonely in the house without them but at the same time there's a lot less stress on Monday's and when we have to set up rides and appointments. Our area is sooo big.  Now we not only have our own investigators to worry about but the investigators of the other sisters and all the references that we have be receiving from the Elders... We have been very busy this week!!

So something fun that happened this week is that a member took us out to eat tripletas which are giant sandwiches with 3 types of meat, potatoes sticks, and fry sauce inside. I highly recommend them, they're delicious! You might gain an insane amount of weight but it's totally worth it!!

I'm doing great and I'm really loving my area. The members are so willing to come out and teach with us, give us rides, and give us food.... It's great!!

Study/Journal Entry

Purification Process

This week I read a talk that was given to the missionaries a couple weeks before I arrived in Puerto Rico.  It describes the story of a missionary who realized that he would like to better himself in such a way that when he spoke the Spirit would fill the room.  After seeking council from his leaders he realized that there were several little things that he was doing that could be offending the Spirit.  He was told to pray and to fast and think of a list of things that he wanted to change.  After doing so he spent 40 days trying to avoid doing the things that were keeping him from having the full companionship of the Holy Ghost.  After reading this talk I realized that there are several things that I am doing that are keeping me from having more spiritual lessons.  I decided to follow the example of this missionary and pray, fast and list the things that I am doing that I feel are offending the Spirit.  I absolutely love the talk by Elder Larry R. Lawrence from the October 2015 conference called "What Lack I Yet?" He teaches us that we need to be constantly seeking and fixing that in our lives that is hindering us from progressing.  I know that these next 40 days won't be easy but by the end I will be a more patient, charitable and focused missionary.  I will be able to have the Spirit more strongly in my lessons and in my life.

Here are a couple of pictures of me frolicking in the forest!

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